1979 Bronco


Okay... so it's ugly... but it's a Bronco!

Got this one cheap... not only for the obvious (rust) reason... but it needed carb work BAD. I messed around with it for a while, then gave up and pulled out an old carb I had saved from an old parts donor Bronco and plopped it on there. POOF- runs fine!

(Ya' gotta love getting a good running truck at a junker price)!

Originally I had a spraybomb paint job planned... but I really need a sandblaster! I wanted to get to it before winter hits, as the roadsalt will make this thing look like Swiss Cheese by next Spring... but other priorities keep getting in the way. Ah well... it's a beater.


Yes... that's the same Bronco. Still ugly... but with a bit of an attitude adjustment.

Just don't ask what happened to the trim. You REALLY do not want to know.

1978 / 1979 Broncos I've owned...

This was my first Bronco.

A rough one, but fun! Dig those "mix-n-match" 35" tires!

Down by the lake.

Here's an excellent full-size Bronco link...
BIGBRONCO A website for owners of 1978 to 1996 Broncos.

I like my Bronco but I also like Jeeps too. Personally, the perfect combo for me would be the Bronco and an old CJ (or two?)! I'm not much one for "brand-loyalty"... I like all kinds of old trucks and cars!

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